Continuously developed

Amazone has benn marketing the third generation of Catros disc harrows since 2015. Recently, this third generation saw the addition of a three-point mounted folding model. We had the opportunity of testing the 5m version.


Simple set-up - Amazone Catros+ 7003-2TS disc harrow

AMAZONE is updateing its Catros+ range withe the latest generation 03 series in both mounted (03-2) and trailed (03-2TS) formats.


The fast way to a clean furrow

The new AutoAdapt system on this mounted plough setting up a much easier job and allows the front furrow width to adapt automatically to the current working width. Here is our impression of this innovation and more


AMAZONE Tyrok 400 6+1 plough

Last season we used the seven-furrow Tyrok - and we were impressed.



Ceus 3000-TX is a combination of a short disc harrow and a cultivator field of new C-Mix tines which ensures effective mixing and incorporation of organic material. Bernd Feuerborn reports on what we like and dislike about the new machine.


Shallow is trump

Special print: Field test | Amazone Cobra 6000-2TX
incorporating stubble at a shallow depth and full width offers many advantages which are appreciated by more and more arable farmers who come to choose a topsoil cultivator. this market is also being conquered by Amazone who have launched the new Cobra spring tine cultivator to offer those advantage. the new addition to the Amazone product range boasts a number of stand-out details.


Big discs, more clearance

Larger diameter discs and a new approach to depth control are the trappings that make Amazone Catros XL a real pro in the field of incorporating large amounts of trash. Working at depths of 5-16cm, the discs perform equally well in stubble and slurry incorporation.


Amazone Ceus 4000-2TX cultivator

Catros + Cenius = Ceus - Ceus blends Amazone's Catros disc harrow and Cenius tine cultivator. This type of disc/tine tool is now a familiar sight on UK arable farms, so how does the new Ceus compare with its many rivals?


Amazone Catros XL 6003-2TS compact disc harrows

Bigger discs go deep - Amazone’s Catros XL 2TS is its answer for farmers wanting to disc at depths down to 16cm. The 4.0m to 6.0m range is only sold in a semi-mounted format, and we tried the 6.0m model on some chitted oilseed rape stubble.