Sowing unit Amazone PreTeC (1)

Sowing unit Amazone PreTeC – Working quality in maize

The tested Amazone PreTeC sowing unit was mounted to a 6-row Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super precision drill. The seed singling unit is available as with an electric or mechanical driven system.

Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super (1)

DLG Test Report 7093: Amazone Precea 4500-2CC Super

The machine that came to the test was the 6-row Precea 4500-2CC Super precision drill with Precis fertiliser metering system from Amazone. According to the manufacturer, the machine is suitable for drilling into ploughed, min-til and no-till soils.

ZG-TS (1)

Two ways of doing things right

This year, the ZG-TS 10001 ProfisPro spent its second season spreading for the co-op which is based near Leipzig. Their machinery department is headed by Gunter Zeutschel who opted for this version, because it ties up fewer staff than the two Amazone ZA-M Profis spreaders which it replaces.


Practical Test: Amazone Centaya 3000 Super power harrow drill

Near perfect planting - While there is lots of talk of low-disturbance drilling, the long-serving power harrow drill is still the tool of choice for getting many arable crops in the ground. Focus for our practical test is the Amazon KG harrow and Centaya pneumatic drill combo, which impressed with its precise performance.