Accurately metered, your seed is worth its weight in gold!


The new metering system has been optimised with regard to both accuracy of delivery and longitudinal distribution. This has been achieved by combining the 80 mm Control seed wheel in conjunction with the newly designed bottom flap and metering housing. Because of the large diameter of the seed peg wheels, the seed is singled within the metering system over a prolonged period. The even drive is ensured by the infinitely adjustable Vario gearbox. The combination of fine seed wheel (orange) and normal seed wheel (green) allows the application of seed rates of  between 1.5 and 400 kg/ha without a seed wheel change. The changeover is carried out via a hand push pin. With the AMAZONE metering system, the seed wheels are predominately force-fed from above similar to a cell wheel. Deviations between the calibration test and actual seed rate because of uneven seed wheel filling is avoided.