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The highly-manoeuvrable, trailed cultivator drills: Cirrus 3003 and 3503 Compact

For smaller fields the Cirrus Compact models offer an attractive option. With a 550 mm shorter axle position than on the wider Cirrus drills and in conjunction with its lower link mounting, tremendous manoeuvrability is achieved. So, even on tight headlands excellent work rates are possible. With its 3,000 l tank capacity and the maximum speed of 40 km/h, the Cirrus Compact is ideal for farms which do not have any facility for in-field filling. In accordance with the relevant national traffic road regulations, the Cirrus is available with an unbraked axle, with dual-circuit air braking or with a hydraulic braking system.

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Matrix principle

At the heart of the machine, and the guarantee of a uniform, quick field emergence, are the new Matrix tyres. With dimensions of 400/55R17.5, these tyres feature a diameter of 880 mm and a width of 410 mm (wide enough for 4 seed rows at 12.5 cm spacing or 3 seed rows at 16.6 cm). The combination of the big diameter, together with the new profile, provides an easy rolling effect – and thus a reduced pulling power. This is a characteristic which is, above all, very important for trailed seed drills that are equipped with passive soil tillage tools and driven at fast forward speeds.        Keeping to the principle that has been established for many years at AMAZONE, the Matrix tyres provide the reconsolidation in strips. The reconsolidated strips with small ridges of loose earth provide more than enough fine soil for the coverage of the seed. The heterogeneous soil structure, created by the tyres, provides the optimum plant growth under all conditions. With the Matrix tyre, AMAZONE, for the first time, makes use of radial design tyres with steel inserts in the tread. Due to the radial design, with its higher deflection ability, the profile has a true soil contact across all the rows creating perfectly even growing conditions. In addition, radial tyres, thanks to their design, have the benefit that they offer very good self-cleaning, even at the standard 3.5 bar pressure. Ridge levellers in between the rows, which are available as an option, provide an even operational performance and make sense especially on light soils.  

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The alternative: AS-cross ply tyres

As an alternative for regions which are less sensitive to germination conditions, the Cirrus 03 can also be equipped with a simple AS cross-ply tyre of a similar dimension (15.0/55-17). The self-driving effect from its short cleats is very good and thus the machine is also easy to pull. This compromises however, the targeted reconsolidation, especially in dry years, as the AS tyres do not create the same seed/soil contact in comparison to the Matrix tyres.   

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Un semis en toute confiance !

1. En cas de sécheresse importante – principe de la pompe à eau : 
Les bandes rappuyées assurent une homogénéité du sol directement dans la ligne de semis. Ainsi l’eau atteint par capillarité la plantule, même si la sécheresse est importante. Un rappuyage par bandes favorise l’action de pompe du sol.

2. En cas de forte humidité – principe de drainage : 
Le sol aéré absorbe parfaitement la pluie et la stocke. Les volumes importants de précipitations s’infiltrent simplement dans les zones non rappuyées et foisonnantes. Cela permet de prévenir l’érosion du sol. Votre sol travaille alors selon le principe du drainage.

3. Echange gazeux – principe du poumon : 
Grâce au sol ameubli, on a de nouveau un échange gazeux, de sorte que les racines peuvent respirer et mieux se développer.

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