Das Walzenprogramm (1)Avant6000_Claas_d0_kw_DJI_0116_d1_210812

The roller programme

Not too much and not too little – localised reconsolidation

Das Walzenprogramm (2) Trapezringwalze_TRW_d0_kw_3386_d1_190108

TRW trapezium roller 500 mm / 600 mm ∅
With its trapezium rings, the TRW trapezium roller provides reconsolidation in strips. Due to its good carrying ability, the trapezium rings on light soils are prevented from sinking in too deep.

  • Good carrying capability
  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Adequate fine soil
  • As standard with hard metal coated, wear resistant scrapers

Das Walzenprogramm (3) Packerwalze_PW_d0_kw_P1042433_d1_190110

PW tooth packer roller 500 mm / 600 mm ∅
The PW tooth packer roller features a good self-driving effect and, with its leading teeth, reconsolidates the soil across the whole surface. Due to its performance, the tooth packer roller is universally usable.

  • Complete reconsolidation over the entire soil surface
  • Runs blockage-free on sticky soils and where there is a lot of straw
  • As standard with hard metal coated, wear resistant scrapers
  • Low-mounted scrapers ensure a smooth surface even in wet soil conditions

Das Walzenprogramm (4) Walze_KW_213011_d0_kw_P9143583_d1_170927

KW wedge ring roller 580 mm ∅
The KW wedge ring roller has a wide range of applications. Due to its design, the strip-wise reconsolidation is ensured in virtually all soils and under any conditions. The sticking of any dirt, capping or blockages is not an issue!

  • Universal for all soils and conditions
  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Even in heavy soils, sufficient loose earth is available for optimum seed coverage
  • Very well suited to any weather, no matter whether wet or dry
  • Smooth coulter travel due to the pre-formed seed furrow

Das Walzenprogramm (5) Walze_KWM600_212984_d0_kw_P9143581_d1_170927

KWM wedge ring roller with Matrix tyre profile 600 mm ∅
With its Matrix tyre profile, the KWM wedge ring roller offers a particularly good self-driving effect. As a result of its Matrix tyre profile, the roller leaves more fine soil in the seedbed.

  • Strip-wise reconsolidation
  • Matrix tyre profile for improved self-driving effect
  • Improved crumbling even under tough conditions
  • Smooth coulter travel due to the pre-formed seed furrow
  • Very well suited to any weather, no matter whether wet or dry
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Vielfältiges Walzenprogramm (1) NNH_0279_Keilring-Schnittbild_130701

Versatile roller range

Choose for yourself!
The most important task of a roller is reconsolidation. Due to the many possible demands (seed/soil conditions/lifting power of the tractor) a large variety of different rollers is therefore available. So, the right roller can be chosen for any seed and for any soil type. As the harrow-mounted seed drill sits directly on the roller, the total weight is safely carried and thus the optimum performance is ensured.

Solid roller
In general, solid rollers are better weight carriers than open rollers, especially on loose and light soils. In addition, solid rollers tend to suffer from less blockages. Exactly for this reason on the wedge ring and Matrix wedge ring rollers, the rubber rings are fitted to a solid tube. When the rings sink into the loose soil, the tube carries the weight across the entire length. The sticking of any dirt, capping or blockages is not an issue!

Large diameter
Larger diameter packer rollers carry the load better because the weight acts on a larger support area. Rollers having a large diameter also run considerably more smoothly and easier than rollers having a small diameter. For this reason, AMAZONE rollers therefore have diameters from 500 mm to 600 mm. These benefits are particularly noticeable at higher sowing speeds with precise seed placement.

  1. Air cushion shock absorber
  2. Metal insert for maximum ruggedness and a perfect fit
  3. Spacer ring with dirt-repellent surface
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Targeted reconsolidation

Reconsolidation in strips
By reconsolidating in strips, it is possible to create an optimum soil condition which adapts to the current weather conditions and thus ensures the conditions for rapid and uniform plant emergence This means that reconsolidation in strips is an insurance for timely cultivation. In addition, uniform, well reconsolidated strips without a cleat imprint are left. In comparison to rollers with an all-over profile, this is a decisive advantage which, above all, has an effect on the smooth running of the sowing coulters.

Sowing insurance! 

  1. In very dry conditions – the water pump principle: 
    The reconsolidated strips provide soil contact directly in the seed furrow. In this way, capillary water reaches the seedling even in dry weather. The re-consolidation in strips ensures that your soil woks as a water pump.
  2. In much wetness – principle of drainage:
    The loose soil absorbs any rain well and stores it. Rain from heavy downpours simply drains into the unrolled, loose areas. Soil erosion is thereby prevented. In this case, your soil works like a drain. Even at heavy, wet soils there is enough loose soil available between the rows to cover the seed with loose soil.
  3. Gaseous exchange – the lungs principle:
    The loose soil also enables gases to be exchanged, so that the roots can breathe.
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