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Super-L booms – Super-stable, super-light and super-compact

Pantera – with clever intelligence

The two Super-L booms reveal their extraordinary qualities in the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. The special AMAZONE profile design makes the two booms not only light and extremely robust, but also highly compact. Premium boom quality ensures a long service life even when working at very high work rates.

Your benefits:

  • Wide height adjustment range of 0.50 m to 2.50 m
  • Central pendulum adjustment and hydraulic tilt adjustment of the boom provide smooth boom travel even at high speeds

“The four-fold boom neatly lies tight to the tank.“
(profi 11/2011)

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The 4-fold damped Super-L booms

Smooth-travelling and exact as standard

Boom guidance of the Super-L boom is optimised by the central pendulum suspension. In addition, the combined spring and damping elements provide an enormous reduction in any potential vertical movement. Also the horizontal pivoting movements are kept at a minimum by the integrated damping system so that, for all AMAZONE booms, optimum work results are achieved.

The benefits:

  • a particularly long central pendulum system means parallel guidance of very wide booms
  • combined spring and damping elements for shock-dampening the suspension against vertical forces,
  • integrated damping system consisting of braking plates and buffer blocks to damp down the horizontal yaw movement
  • leaf springs absorb the movements in the driving direction (from 39 m boom width)

  1. Spring damping system for reducing the horizontal swing movement
  2. Additional suspension to reduce the swing movements in direction of travel (only 4-section Super-L2 booms) 
  3. Spring damping system for reducing the vertical swing movement 
  4. Rams for the boom tip angling
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Super-L2 boom in working widths from 21 to 40 metres

Even with the maximum boom width of 40 m, the transport width of the Super-L2 boom is only 2.55 m. In the transport position, the boom is behind the cab. This means: no limitations in the field of vision for the driver and no liquid dripping in and around the cab area.

“The booms can be folded in either side independently or both sides together. This means that a variety of tramline widths can be covered making it the ideal solution for contractors”
(dlz magazine "Test report Pantera 4502" 2/2016)

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Super-L3 boom in 36 m working width

The Super-L3 boom supplements the 36 m working width Super-L2. The outer and middle boom sections each have a length of 6 m, so that the Super-L3 boom is made up of only 3 sections each side. This makes it possible to use the 36 m Super-L3 boom also at a reduced working width of either 24 m or 12 m. The end boom sections come fully constructed in aluminium with additional bracing bars. This ensures very high robustness yet with a very low weight. As standard, the hydraulically pressurised break back system on the boom end can evade obstacles from the back, front or from the top. The advantage of the hydraulically pressurised break back, that works similar to the saloon door principle, lies in the constant release forces across the whole protected area. It furthermore guarantees return back to the working position under all conditions with the minimum of wear.

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AMAZONE offers two electro-hydraulically boom folding options, Flex-fold 1 and Flex-fold 2. Each boom folding joint is equipped with an electro-hydraulic valve block that is directly controlled by the machine software. This enables faster folding procedures. As soon as the first boom section is folded in or out by approximately 70%, the next section automatically starts to fold in or out.

Flex-folding 1
In addition to the benefits already outlined, Flex-fold 1 provides the following extra functions:

  • Height adjustment 
  • Folding in and out 
  • Independent fold at reduced forward speeds (max. 6 km/h) 
  • Boom width reduction 
  • Tilt adjustment

Flex-folding 2
In addition to the advantages mentioned previously, Flexfold 2 offers the following functions:

  • Positive boom angling of individual / both sides
  • Negative boom angling of individual / both sides

”To speed up the folding procedure, AMAZONE has replaced the simple sequence control by a sensor controlled process. With this we clocked a quick 19 seconds for folding out and 27 seconds for folding in – great!”
(”profi” – Test report Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)

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Individual user profiles with reduced working widths

Via the user profiles in the machine software, individual profiles that recognise a reduced working width can be stored. If, for instance, it is intended to fold out a 36/30/24 m boom to just 30 m, this can be carried out quickly and simply via a profile change. After folding out just the relevant sections, the active working width is automatically detected and the outer nozzles are automatically deactivated via AmaSwitch or AmaSelect. For section control, the working width is automatically stored.

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Automated boom height control with maximum comfort and even more precision

AutoLift, DistanceControl or ContourControl? Decide for yourself!

The AutoLift, DistanceControl and ContourControl automatic boom guidance systems offered by AMAZONE provide a suitable solution for every need. Just utilising the standard AutoLift already provides convenient assistance. The fully automated DistanceControl boom guidance leaves the boom control almost completely in the hands of the machine.

The innovative ContourControl boom control is AMAZONE’s high-end solution, ideal for customers with difficult terrain conditions. In addition to fully automated height guidance, ContourControl also offers active vibration damping for the boom. Contour-Control satisfies the demand for higher accuracy, even at faster forward speeds.

  • Automatic boom lowering in GPS-Switch 
    In GPS-Switch, the booms can be activated to start to already lower prior to reaching the untreated areas. This means that, when the nozzles open, the booms are already at the correct working height. Requirements for this function are just a field boundary saved within the GPS-Switch in the AMAZONE ISOBUS terminal.

AutoLift – the automatic comfortable headland system

AutoLift automatic boom lift (standard equipment) lifts the boom to the pre-selected height every time the machine is switched off. It lowers back down again to the target height when the sprayer sections are switched on. This reduces the risk of damage to the boom while turning on the headland.

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DistanceControl with 2 sensors or DistanceControl plus with 4 sensors

AMAZONE offers for Super-L booms, either DistanceControl fully automated boom control with 2 sensors or Distance- Control plus with 4 sensors on the Pantera self-propelled sprayer. In heavily differing crop heights, or in areas with partially lodged corn, it could be that the boom, when equipped with 2 sensors, dips into the crop. In this case equipping the boom with four sensors will prevent this. The sensors are electrically connected in parallel and so it is always the sensor that is closest to the target surface that is actuated.

The driver is able to concentrate on correctly applying plant protection agents and the computer optimises the boom height control!

Benefits of the DistanceControl boom guidance

  • Fully automatic boom guidance including height guidance, tilt adjustment and boom lifting on the headland
  • Automated bilateral boom angling (in combination with Flex-fold 2)
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ContourControl – reduces those vertical boom movements

The AMAZONE ContourControl active boom control is a trendsetting and fully automated boom control system for booms widths from 21 m. This fulfils the demand for higher precision during application due the lower target surface distances even at high forward speeds. ContourControl can be used with Super-L booms in conjunction with either Flex-fold 1 or Flex-fold 2.

The basis of the new boom guidance is the highly-responsive, electro-hydraulic system with either 4 sensors or in, combination with the Flex-fold 2, 2 additional sensors which allow control of any negative geometry.

The benefits of the active ContourControl boom guidance:

  • Best possible fully automatic vertical boom guidance – even in those difficult conditions
  • Automatic independent boom angling (in combination with Flex-fold 2)
  • Very quick folding procedures
  • Higher accuracy at faster working speeds
  • Elegant boom control for those wider working widths
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SwingStop – for reducing the horizontal boom movement

For matching the horizontal boom ride to the increasing demands, such as, for example, wider working widths and higher forward speeds, AMAZONE offers, as an option for the ContourControl boom guidance system, the active SwingStop boom tip movement prevention. By external influences, such as ground undulations, driving round bends, acceleration and deceleration and increasing operating speeds the boom is extraordinarily strained in horizontal direction. This may result in the boom ends swinging round and thus negatively affecting the lateral distribution at the outer ends of the booms.

As horizontal movement occurs more at the boom ends, this effect is increased enormously by wider boom widths. To reduce this horizontal swing effect, SwingStop measures, via acceleration sensors, the resulting acceleration at the boom ends. The two actively-operating hydraulic rams in the boom suspension compensate live for these swing movements and in this way provide a very smooth horizontal boom ride.

The benefits of SwingStop:

  • Reduction of the horizontal boom movement
  • A system that operates very quickly, elegantly and precisely
  • Highest performance and outstanding precision
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DUS and DUS pro pressure re-circulation systems

With DUS you determine the timing – proven more than 10,000 times

Druck-Umlauf-System (2) SX_0032

The DUS pressure re-circulation system from AMAZONE guarantees the reliable recirculation of the whole system. At the start of the job, the hose system including the spray line is first filled with the active ingredient solution under pressure and in the reverse direction. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

DUS pro

DUS pro high pressure circulation is fitted as standard on AMAZONE self-propelled sprayers equipped with either AmaSwitch or AmaSelect electrical single nozzle control. The spray pressure at each individual nozzle is constant. Thanks to the conical spray lines, minimal residual spray volumes are achieved.

Conical spray line:
The dimensions of the spray line vary along the boom

  • Minimum residual volumes
  • Even flow speed

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