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Tough UG models – Greater robustness for a greater output

UG 2200: 2,400 l actual volume with 280 l flushing water tank
UG 3000: 3,200 l actual volume with 400 l flushing water tank
Super-S2 boom: 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27 or 28 metres

UG Special with a 250 l/min single pump
UG Super with 370 l/min dual pump

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Robust, stable and reliable

The wide, profile steel frame, compact tank and the robust boom technology all contribute to the required reliability. All the edges are rounded off and all hoses are neatly routed inside the frame.

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Soil structure and crop saving travel

Selecting the right tyres is of the utmost importance if the soil is to be protected during work. AMAZONE mudguards can be adjusted for the various tyre options.

The mudguard equipment option includes a large canister holder to the right hand side as standard.

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Hydraulic agitation intensity

The intensity of the hydraulic agitator can, steplessly, be reduced down to nothing in order to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.

  1. On AMAZONE sprayers, the flushing stream from the self-cleaning pressure filter is used for agitating.
  2. The pump equipment of the UG Super is suitable for high agitation outputs at low PTO shaft speeds.
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Fresh water tank with Vario control for flushing and diluting

The large fresh water tank always carries sufficient clean water for flushing and for diluting residual quantities. If the Vario control is set to the “flush” position, the suction filter, pump, valve chest, boom spray line and nozzles are cleaned with fresh water.

This is also possible when the spray liquid tank is full. This rules out the possibility of malfunctions caused by dried on spray liquid.

  1. Fresh water rinse tank
  2. Hand wash tank
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