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Die bewährte Technik für den härtesten Dauereinsatz (1) UG_3000_Super_002_d2_191023

Proven technology for the most arduous of operations

  1. Robust wide profile steel frame in which all hoses are routed so that they are protected.
  2. Compact tank with smooth internal and external walls.
  3. Induction bowl with Power-Injector for the induction of large quantities of chemicals and for canister flushing.
  4. Large fresh water tank for diluting residual amounts or for cleaning the sprayer, even when the tank is full.
  5. Separate hand wash tank (20 litres).
  6. Mechanical direct fill level indicator with float and also electronically in the in-cab terminal as standard.
  7. Clothing locker for agricultural protective clothing (optional).

Die bewährte Technik für den härtesten Dauereinsatz (2) UG_3000_Super_002_d2_191023

Clearly laid out operator station

All control elements are logically and unmistakably arranged directly to the front left-hand side of the sprayer. All the working functions can be quickly intuitively understood thus preventing any operator errors.

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Piston diaphragm pumps

The piston diaphragm pumps are particularly reliable, protected when run dry and are safe for liquid fertiliser. The multiple-cylinder design of the pumps simultaneously ensures even delivery with a high suction power and smooth operation. The pumps are available with delivery capacities of 250 l/min (Special) or 370 l/min (Super). The 370 l/min pump setup is a tandem pump, where the spraying pump works together with a separate agitation pump. The tandem pump is ideal for farms with high application rates.

Kolbenmembranpumpen (1) UG_3000_Super_010_d2_191023_16__9

The suction filter can be easily accessed via the simple AMAZONE bayonet coupling without the loss of spray liquid.

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Fill capacity 400 l/min

The sprayer can be filled with the help of a suction hose (3") with non-return valve or bowser fill connection with C-coupling. Utilising the additional injector that can be activated, means that filling rates of up to 400 l/minute can be achieved.

  1. Filling via the suction hose
  2. Filling using pressure (C or Camlok coupling)
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Flushing in with the induction bowl and power injector

The induction bowl is able to quickly and reliably dissolve powdered agents and large quantities of urea through the incorporated rinse ring and, at the same time, to quickly flush them in with the power injector.

A rotary nozzle ensures that the spraying agent canisters are easily and conveniently cleaned to make full use of the contents. The closed induction bowl can be flushed for self-cleaning. The fill level indicator is always in view.

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Comfort-Pack for ISOBUS terminals – Operator- and environmentally-friendly

Control of the spray liquid system

The AMAZONE Comfort-Pack controls the most important functions of the liquid system.

  • Automatic fill stop
  • Agitator regulation
  • Automatic, in-cab remote cleaning

Depending on the fill level, the intensity of the hydraulic agitator is reduced until completely shut off to prevent foaming of the crop protection agent or to minimise the residual spray volumes. On AMAZONE crop protection sprayers the un-sprayed plant protection agent is delivered back via the return flow into the suction system. In this way, any unintended dilution of the spray liquid is prevented. 370 l/min agitation capacity is available to achieve a perfect result even with difficult tank mixes and high concentrations. The 2 interior cleaning nozzles provide an optimum cleaning performance in the tank. The Comfort-Pack automatically ensures that the agitation will be rinsed.

Minute final residual volumes of less than 6 litres and the large fresh water contents ensure a very effective cleaning procedure whilst still in the field.

  1. Comfort-Pack
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