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ZA-X Perfect – the setting up is so straight forward!

  • AMAZONE spreading discs; made from stainless steel and indestructible
  • 600 up to 1750 litres
  • working width 10 m up to 18 m
  • urea spreadable up to 15 m
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Robust frame

The long years of experience have resulted in a robust frame design that is especially necessary for this class of hopper capacity. The result is a strong, yet light, fertiliser spreader of ideal dimensions.

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Twin hopper

A twin hopper; that means automatic monitoring. If one side empties quicker than the other it can immediately be checked whether a foreign obstacle is blocking the opening or whether the levers are evenly positioned on the stops. The twin hopper design gives optimised steep hopper walls which guarantee – unlike single tip hoppers – a very constant fertiliser flow, even on slopes or with very little fertiliser left.

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Hopper protection sieve

The fi lling sieve is useful, when fi lling with bulk stored fertilisers, which have been, for example, loaded using a front end loader. This then keeps out stones, lumps etc.. The sieve folds on the ZA-X 902 and 1402 models whereas it is bolted on the smaller hopper sizes.

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