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Spread rate adjustment

The spread rate adjustment with its two individual setting shutter slides is located well out of the "dirt range" meaning that they are neither splashed from the tractor wheels or with fertiliser dust from the spreading discs. In this way the machine remains clean and easy to operate. The pointers are arranged on a large, clear scale so that different rate settings such as border spreading are immediately obvious.

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Omnia-Set-spreading discs

The Omnia-Set spreading discs with swivelable spreading vanes provide a particularly precise spread pattern. With the aid of the setting scale the spreading vanes can be accurately and unmistakably set. The wide, flat trajectory spread pattern is insensitive to both side wind and varying fertiliser properties whereas, for late top dressing, the blade ends are simply swivelled upwards without the need for any tools.

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Hydraulic individual shutter slide remote control

The standard hydraulically actuated independent shutter remote control for either both or individual right hand and left hand side control enables the comfortable operation of the spreader. One side shut-off means half side spreading, e.g. awkward fields and for half side border spreading using the border spread deflector. The 2-way valve enables this flexibility even on tractors with only one hydraulic valve.

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Oil-immersed gearbox

The oil-immersed gearbox is the indestructible heart of this AMAZONE twin disc spreader. Double sealed, and with shear bolt overload protection on the PTO, AMAZONE ZA-X gearboxes have been proven by the hundreds of thousands and are maintenance-free.

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High capacity agitators

High capacity agitators feed the fertiliser evenly onto the “Omnia-Set” discs. The fertiliser is gently and evenly delivered to the shutter apertures and with the added advantage that the hopper is virtually completely emptied and little residue brought back for cleaning out.

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Agitator head

For normal fertiliser the agitator ensures an even fl ow of fertiliser to the discs. When spreading easily damaged materials, the large agitator fi nger can be removed with just an R-clip and the reduced agitation still ensures an even and reliable metering.

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Direct loading from a tipping trailer or from a bulk silo thanks to the superbly shallow fi lling height of the spreader.

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