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The frames

Special frame:
2,200 kg payload, Cat. II linkage dimensions and hitch pins.

Super frame:
3,200 kg payload, Cat. II linkage dimensions and hitch pins.

Ultra frame:
4,500 kg payload, Cat. III linkage dimensions with Cat. II/III hitch pins.

The advantages

  • Lightweight frame design with excellent rigidity
  • Optimised centre of gravity and yet plenty of space for hitching up
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The deep-drawn hopper

The base hopper has a volume of 700 l. This provides a continual and even distribution of the fertiliser. Also the cleaning of the spreader is made easy thanks to this design.

The benefits of the design:

  • No corners and edges
  • Even and constant flow of the fertiliser
  • Less danger of bridging
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Simple cleaning procedure
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The extensions

 In two widths and many sizes

For subsequent increases to the hopper capacity of the ZA-V, AMAZONE offers, for the S and L base hopper extensions, a further suitable bolt-on extension. The volume of these bolt-on extensions is 600 l for the S hopper width and 800 l for the L hopper width.

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SafetySet as standard

The AMAZONE ZA-V is equipped with SafetySet as standard to ensure maximum safety. The surrounding guard tube fulfils the accident prevention regulations. Large-dimensioned marker boards to the rear and the road lighting kit ensure better visibility in road traffic.

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