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Different hydraulic variants

Depending on the choice made, the hydraulic system is available in three versions. There is the entry-level standard hydraulics, where every function has to be actuated from the spool valve on the tractor. For tractors with a limited number of spool valves, the Comfort hydraulics can be selected. Here the functions of wing and track marker folding can be combined via an electric changeover valve supplied by one spool valve. For those customers who intend to operate all functions via the terminal or the optional joystick, then the Profi hydraulics are available. 

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Forward speed recording

For regulation and drive of the fertiliser metering unit, the forward speed of the ED Special is taken from the ground wheel drive. On the ED Super, this can be carried out via a GPS receiver, the signal socket of the tractor or the Super Fast radar sensor on the precision air seeder.

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Basic electronics with AmaScan+

On the ED Special, the mechanical drive to both the singling and fertilising can be controlled via the basic electronic equipment level. In conjunction with the opto-sensors, AmaScan+ monitors the entire drive down to the choice of the singling discs. During operation the accurately sown number of grains per ha is displayed. In conjunction with the electric shut-off, each individual sowing unit can be switched off via AmaScan+. The electronics sends an error message in less than 10 sec. The service key allows the quick function test of the opto-sensors. Additional displays: ha, Σ/ha, ha/h, t, km and km/h and many more.

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Rear-view camera available as an option

Camera systems help in enclosed situations and contribute to the safety of the machine. This applies both to road traffic and also when manoeuvring.

  • Large 135° viewing angle
  • Camera with heating and lotus coating
  • Clear picture even after dark thanks to infrared night vision technology
  • Automatic back light function
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ISOBUS terminals

ISOBUS indicates a global standard for communication between the operator terminal, tractors and connected implements, on the one hand, and agricultural office software on the other. That means with one terminal you can control any ISOBUS compatible implement.

The benefits:

  • AMAZONE ISOBUS machines are UT 2.0 certified and can therefore be operated from any ISOBUS terminal with UT 2.0.
  • All AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals and job computers support the AUX-N standard and can assign keys to an AUX-N-compliant multi-function joystick.
  • AMAZONE ISOBUS implements can be controlled with any ISOBUS-compliant Section Control licence.

Special features of AMAZONE ISOBUS implements:

  • Up to three user profiles and individual user interfaces can be created for different drivers.
  • The operation menu can be optimally adapted to ISOBUS terminals with different numbers of keys.
  • Each machine function can be freely placed in the menu navigation.
  • Full documentation via Task Controller (ISO-XML). As an alternative to documentation via Task Controller, total values (area worked, time required, quantity applied) can also be just simply recorded. The recorded total values can be exported to a USB stick as a screenshot.
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AmaPilot multi-function joystick

All the functions in the operating menu can be also actuated via the AmaPilot multi-function joystick or other ISOBUS joysticks (AUX-N).

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Further ISOBUS terminals

Important information:

Please note that when working with other ISOBUS terminals, additional section control software, for example, from the tractor manufacturer, is normally necessary. This is not usually included in the standard version of other ISOBUS terminals.

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From simple to high-tech – everything is possible

With the ISOBUS-compatible AmaTron 4 and the AmaPad 2, AMAZONE offers two extremely convenient operator terminals for your ISOBUS machinery.

  • All applications are pre-installed and can be tried out initially free of charge
  • Intuitive and clear operation
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Everything in view with the 2 terminal solution

In addition to the possibility of operating the AMAZONE ISOBUS machinery via the tractor terminal, there is the practical alternative of separating the functions of the tractor and the mounted implement and operating them via two terminals. 

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AmaTron 4 – Manager for all

Simple and convenient operation as intuitive as your tablet

Why not handle a terminal as intuitively as a tablet or a smartphone? With this in mind, AMAZONE has developed the operator-friendly AmaTron 4 which offers a noticeably smoother operational procedure, especially when it comes to job management. The AmaTron 4, with its 8"multi-touch colour display meets the highest expectations and offers maximum user-friendliness. A swipe of the finger or using the App carousel allows quick changes between applications and the simple and clearly structured operating menu. A useful MiniView, a freely configurable status line as well as a virtual light bar make the use of the AmaTron 4 particularly clear and convenient.

Benefits of AmaTron 4:

  • Automatic full screen mode when not being touched
  • Automatic control button display via a proximity sensor
  • Practical MiniView concept
  • Operation via touch display or via soft keys
  • Particularly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Field-related documentation
  • Practice-oriented and intelligent menu navigation
  • Practical quick-start menu with import/export of job data, help windows, day/night mode and the AUX-N allocation
  • 1 camera input and automatic reversing detection
  • Free trial period for all chargeable licences
  • AmaTron Connect – for the optional entry into the digital age

Equipped as standard with:

  • GPS-Maps&Doc *
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AmaPad 2 – An especially comfortable method of controlling agricultural machinery

The new dimension of control and monitoring
With AmaPad 2, AMAZONE offers an especially high performance operator terminal. The 12.1" multi-touch colour display is particularly convenient and fulfils the highest demands from Precision Farming. AmaPad 2 is operated solely via touch.

With the practical "MiniView concept”, applications which aren’t being actively operated at that moment, but need to be monitored, are clearly displayed at the side. When needed, these can be enlarged using "a finger swipe”. The possibility of individualising the "dashboard panel” with a display of choice rounds off the user ergonomics.

Benefits of AmaPad 2:

  • High-end ISOBUS operator terminal with a large touch display
  • Extended MiniView concept enables the simultaneous display of a maximum of four menus
  • Quick-start button and integrated light bar
  • 2 camera inputs
  • Day-night mode

Equipped as standard with:

  • GPS-Maps&Doc *
  • GPS-Switch basic
  • GPS-Switch pro
  • GPS-Track
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