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Precis – The new mechanical metering system

The new AMAZONE Precis metering system with integrated discharge funnels ensures minimal residual amounts as well as even sowing. With the new ElectricDrive, the metering system now features electric drive to the seed shaft. Across a wide range of seeds, an outstanding consistency of distribution is ensured. The centralised calibration flap makes for an easy changeover from calibration to drilling. Thanks to the integrated discharge funnels hardly any residual amounts remain in the seed hopper so that even a change of seed can be carried out quickly and conveniently. The conversion from fine to normal seed is possible via the shutter slide. Even an exchange of the seed wheels is, due to the accessibility of the metering system, possible without any problem.

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SmartCenter – Centralised and comfortable actuation

The AMAZONE Precis metering system with integrated hopper inserts ensures minimum residual amounts and even sowing. The seed shaft is driven either mechanically by the land wheel drive or, as an option, electrically via ElectricDrive. Across a wide range of seeds, an outstanding consistency of distribution is ensured. The centralised calibration flap makes for an easy changeover from calibration to drilling.

1. Bottom flap adjustment
2. Calibration flap adjustment
3. Calibration button
4. Calibration trays
5. Coulter pressure adjustment (only for the Cataya Super)
6. Placement depth (only for the Cataya Super with TwinTeC)

“The SmartCenter has been inspiring. For calibration one opens the large access door on the side and finds there everything one needs. [...] Fantastic.“
(“profi” Practice test with Cataya 3000 Super till and drill combination · 07/2018)

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The calibration concept

The calibration trays, directly positioned under the seed hopper, can both be removed from the left hand side via the SmartCenter. Thanks to the two-part calibration trays the decanting into the provided folding bucket is done quickly, simply and comfortably. After the calibration process the calibration trays are simply turned into the storage position with their opening facing downwards.

The digital weighing scales provided as standard enable the exact weighing of the calibrated seed. Thanks to the additional storage space in the SmartCenter of Cataya Super for the standardly-supplied equipment, such as the folding bucket and the digital scales, these are safely stored and immediately at hand. With the Cataya Special, the folding bucket and the digital scales are conveniently stored in the hopper lid.

“The Cataya sets new standards in calibration and adjustment. Here, two aspects have to be especially positively emphasised. For all manual adjustments, the already mentioned 19 mm spanner fits everything – calibration and the adjustment of coulter pressure, sowing depth and harrow heights – is comfortably carried out at the left hand machine side – great.“
(“profi” Practice test with the Cataya 3000 Super till and drill combination · 07/2018)

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Mechanical land wheel drive – reliable drive technology

The mechanical land wheel drive is a reliable but simple and cost-effective solution for the Cataya Special. The mechanical land wheel runs on the right hand side of the seed drill in the driving direction. The driver can therefore easily see the land wheel and can reverse completely into a corner of the field to sow cleanly. The large drive wheel ensures an even, uninterrupted drive to the metering.

Advantages of the mechanical land wheel drive

  • Mounting the wheel on the right hand rear corner ensures a good overview and facilitates easy reversing in field corners
  • Optional control and monitoring via the AmaLog+ in-cab terminal
  • Optional seed deactivation through machine lift-out using the hydraulic top link
  • Transport holder on the rear
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ElectricDrive metering drive

As standard, the Cataya features ElectricDrive, an electric metering system. In conjunction with the electric drive, calibration is comfortable and fully automated. The electrical drive provides additional functions, such as, for example, the pre-metering of the seed in the corner of the field as well as the increase and reduction of the seed rate on the move. The Cataya features different signal sources for detection of the speed. In addition to the radar sensor or GPS signal, also the speed signal of the tractor can be utilised.

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Comfort-Paket 1 mit TwinTerminal 3.0 (1) Cataya3000special_detail_d0_kw_P7181176_d1_170828

Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0

To further simplify the pre-metering, calibration and residue emptying, AMAZONE offers for the Cataya, Comfort-Pack 1 with TwinTerminal 3.0. The TwinTerminal is fitted directly on the seed drill in the SmartCenter. This position offers a decisive benefit: The driver now can carry out the actuation and data input for the calibration procedure directly at the machine and thus the repeated climbing up and down the tractor is no longer necessary.

The TwinTerminal 3.0 consists of a water and dust-proof housing with a 3.2 inch display and four large keys for actuation.

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Arbeitsstellungs- und Geschwindigkeitssignal (1) Cataya-3000-Super_Fendt_d0_kw_2026_d1_161114_sw

Operating position and speed signals

The standard equipment level of electric drive offers the possibility to freely choose the signal source for both the speed and also the operating position. In this way, depending on the application, a flexible choice between the different sources is possible.   

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Tramline control

With the newly designed tramline control, in total up to 2 x 5 seed rows can be switched off, so that the creation of any tramline gap is possible without a problem. The tramline control is made possible via a layshaft which drives the tramline seed wheels. If a tramline is being created, the layshaft is locked which then simultaneously stops the freely rotating tramline seed wheels on the seed shaft. The ability to cope with wider tramline gaps satisfies the use of husbandry tractors with tyre widths of up to 900 mm at 15 cm row spacing or 750 mm at a row spacing of 12.5 cm. Thanks to the two-piece spur gears, the track width and the tramline width can be matched quickly and without a problem.

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Half-side shut-off

Via the half-side shut-off control, asymmetrical tramline rhythms can be created. The half-side control is implemented in the Cataya by means of a centrally divided seed and counter shaft. When the half-side control is activated, the seed and the counter shaft are simply shut off on that side. If the Cataya Super is equipped with the optional twin-sided electric metering drive, the selection of which side is working can be made from the cab.

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