AMAZONE ZA-XW Perfect 502 twin disc fertiliser spreader

ZA-XW Perfect 502 (1) ZA-XW_Perfect_001_d1_080912

For operation in specialist crops, such as for example, in vineyards, orchards, hop gardens and agriculture

The narrow hopper shape with very steep hopper walls and a low fi lling height, capacities from 500 up to 700 litres and working widths from 10 m up to 18 m or 2 m up to 6 m with the adjustable row spreading device are the particular features of this special spreader.

For fruit and hop gardens, the fertiliser is distributed around the plants by the easily adjustable twin-row spreading device, which leads to considerable savings in fertiliser application between the rows. Row spacings are from 2 to 6 metres.

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ZA-XW Perfect 502 (3) ZA-XW_Perfect_002_d1_080912_31pro

ZA-XW Perfect 502 (4) Streuer-Weinberg-Silber

The narrow total width of the spreader of only 1 metre prevents tendril damage in vineyards.

ZA-XW Perfect 502 (5) ZA-XW

When equipped with the adjustable row-spreading device it is the ideal fertiliser spreader for orchards and hop culture.