Automatic GPS-Switch part-area shut-off via Section Control

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More precision, more efficiency!

Adjustment of the spread patterns is essential owing to the extremely large working width. The electric delivery system adjustment means that the TS spreading system is able to react sensitively in precisely these cases. Individual outlying part-width sections can therefore be controlled with ease. In addition to this, the throwing distance can be reduced by adjusting the speed from the outside to the centre on the left- and right-hand side, thereby enabling optimum spreading on long and flat wedge shaped fields and for short work, even at large working widths. This is referred to as part-width section control. In the simplest configuration, 8 part-width sections can be easily controlled manually (via the operator terminal). Up to 128 part-width sections can be controlled with the appropriate Section Control licence for the terminal.

  1. Overlap zones
  2. 8 part-width sections
  3. ZA-TS Tronic with manual delivery system
  4. 16 part-width sections
  5. ZA-TS Tronic with electric delivery system
  6. 32 part-width sections
  7. ZA-TS Hydro *depending on the terminal
  8. with 64 part-width sections
  9. with 128 part-width sections