Due to its easy pulling and its working widths of 8 m to 15 m, the Citan trailed seed drill easily gets over the acres. With its 4,600 l and 8,800 l hopper capacities, the Citan provides farmers with enormous efficiency, ideal for use on large farms with short sowing time windows. In addition, the Citan, with 12 m and 15 m working width, feature, as standard, a 3-section pressurised tank that enables the placement of fertiliser into the seed furrow as well.

Freisteller Citan

Your benefits at a glance

  • Very easy to pull – low fuel consumption and high work rates
  • Very slender seed hopper – for a good all-around view
  • Excellent access to the metering system – quick adjustment of the seed rate and makes for comfortable cleaning
  • Clear and central machine setting via the easily accessible settings centre
  • Up-front positioned seed hopper – higher traction of the tractor’s rear axle
  • Comfortable and infinitely-variable setting of the coulter pressure from the tractor cab
  • RoTeC pro single disc coulters – for precise placement, optimum material through-passage and a very good self-cleaning
  • Optional on-board hydraulics for use on tractors without sufficient hydraulic capacity
  • Optional: hydraulic setting of the harrow pressure from the tractor cab

Product videos

AMAZONE Citan large area seed drill
AMAZONE Citan large area seed drill
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Output calculator

The Amazone output calculator enables a farm-related economic calculation of key working features to be made prior to making a decision for investment.


International sales network

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