The Condor trailed seed drill works with individually guided ConTeC pro sowing coulters and row widths of 25 cm and 31.3 cm/33.3 cm, meaning that extensive crop production methods can be used in arid continental regions. The Condor offers enormous outputs through working widths of 12 and 15 m and its 7,800 litre, 3-section pressurised seed hopper.

Freisteller Condor

Your benefits at a glance

  • Low fuel consumption owing to low pulling power requirement
  • High performance and huge work rates
  • Quick turn-round times owing to a generous hopper capacity
  • Clearly arranged and comfortable central machine setting
  • More water available to the plants thanks to row spacings of 25 cm and 31.3 cm/33.3 cm
  • Simultaneous application of two seed types
  • Good crop development thanks to starter fertilisation in the seed furrow with single-shoot
  • Flexible use with existing ISOBUS terminals possible
  • Soil movement reduced to a minimum owing to extremely narrow chisel openers, reduced evaporation
  • Perfect seed / soil contact thanks to the press and depth guidance roller equipped as standard

Product videos

Condor trailed seed drill
Condor 15001 trailed seed drill
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