Automatic regulation via FlowControl+

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Operates just like using one large tank

Electronic fill level management
The special feature of the FT front tank is the complete integration of the front tank in the mounted sprayer liquid circuit using the FlowControl+ electronic fill level management via the ISOBUS terminal. The technological basis of FlowControl+ is the two electronic fill level indicators in the tanks and the two high capacity injectors. The transfer rate in each direction is up to 200 l/min. The liquid in both spray tanks is always ideally homogenised. 

The ISOBUS terminal automatically controls the liquid circuit, so that there is always an optimised weight distribution. Premature reduction of the load on the front axle is prevented. Depending on the fill level, new liquid is delivered from the front tank early enough so that the rear sprayer tank is never emptied before the front tank. The tank mix always remains homogeneous. 

The manual control also enables the transfer of just fresh water to the front tank. In practical terms, the FlowControl+ pump additionally assists the filling procedure so that a maximum suction capacity of up to 400 l/min is possible.

Complete, automated liquid flow with FlowControl+

Automatische Steuerung FlowControl+ (1) FLOWCONTROL FÜR MARKETING_mit_Nummern_2_CMS

  1. Operator terminal 
  2. High capacity injectors 
  3. Switch valves for injectors 
  4. Electronic fill level indicators 
  5. FlowControl+ pump 150 l/min 
  6. Internal cleaning 
  7. UF spray pump 
  8. Spray line

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