ContourControl boom guidance

For the UF 1602 and 2002 with boom working widths from 27 m

The AMAZONE ContourControl active boom guidance is a ground-breaking, fully automatic hydraulic boom guidance system which can now also be used for mounted sprayers. The boom tilt is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder which is pre-pressurised on both sides. Rapidly switching hydraulic valves bring the boom to the desired position. This actively reduces any of the various effects caused by uneven ground and other influences while driving. The cylinders for positive and negative angling of the two outer ends of the boom are controlled using the same principle. This allows the boom to follow highly uneven topography in order to maintain an optimal distance to the target surface across the entire working width, even on extremely hilly terrain.

The standard, electro-hydraulic Flex-fold mechanism of the boom with ContourControl controls each pivot point on the boom separately. This allows the boom to be folded out to a reduced working width from the tractor cab. The overload protection within the hydraulic system is simultaneously used as break back protection when working at these reduced working widths. The individual control of the hydraulic cylinders at the pivot points allows up to two segments to be folded out at a time on each side of the boom. This considerably reduces the down time when folding the boom in and out.

  1. One-sided independent fold
  2. One-sided positive angling on the right (Flex-fold)
  3. Simultaneous positive angling (Flex-fold)
  4. Simultaneous negative angling (Flex-fold)

Gestängeführung ContourControl (1) UF02_Grafik_eins.Klappung_d2_211109.CMS

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