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AmaSpray+ operator terminal – Your reliable assistant 
AmaSpray+ is specifically designed for the operation of AMAZONE sprayers and allows simple yet automatic control of the UF mounted sprayer. Switches integrated in the operator
terminal enable the control of 5, 7 or 9 part-width sections. AmaSpray+ has a digital pressure display and a digital tank level
indicator. It records the quantity applied and area worked. The hydraulic functions are operated using the spool valves on the tractor. Boom tilt and pendulum lock are also displayed in the AmaSpray+. As an option, AmaSpray+ enables one-sided folding of the boom or, alternatively, access to the boundary and end nozzle spraying systems. 

The AmaSpray+ operator terminal with serial Interface can also be used for the automatic documentation (ASD) and part area site-specific application via a GPS terminal.

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