ProfiClick – The small switchbox with a huge comfort factor


The new ProfiClick control box provides simple and precise operation of the hydraulic functions of the boom on AMAZONE crop protection sprayers.

It is available in combination with the electro-hydraulic “Profi-fold l”. All the operational functions of the ProfiClick switchbox are ergonomically arranged and directly linked with that function. The potentiometer for the re-adjustment of boom tilt can be controlled on the move without looking thanks to the centre position via a detent function. So the driver can concentrate perfectly on driving.

  • ProfiClick switchbox without steering
    – Actuation of the boom functions via the oil circuit

  1. Ergonomic hand support
  2. On/off
  3. Boom pendulum lock
  4. Boom fold
  5. Boom up/down
  6. Boom tilt

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