Drive and brake management

Antriebs- und Bremsenmanagement (1) Pantera7004_d0_kw_P6010945_d2_230928_CMS

Pantera – reliable intelligence
Due to the large wheel diameters, very high torques are required, especially when starting off. The intelligent drive concept of the Pantera does not build up these high forces hydraulically but mechanically via the fixed reduction ratio of the planetary gearbox. This is an extremely reliable drive under difficult ground conditions and when starting off. The tyres with a height of up to 2.05 m provide maximum traction and soil protection. The higher gear reduction ratio in the Pantera 7004 also ensures that enough torque is available in any driving situation.

Advantages of the drive system:  

  • High torque at all times 
  • No speed change steps 
  • Possibility of larger wheel diameters 
  • A fixed reduction ratio in the planetary gearboxes drive the wheels

Antriebs- und Bremsenmanagement (2) Pantera7004_Grafik-Hydrostat_d2_230928_CMS

  1. Gear pumps
  2. Axial piston pump for spray pumps
  3. Constant pressure pump
  4. Axial piston pump for travel drive
  5. Engine
  6. Hydraulic motor
  7. Disc brakes
  8. Planetary gear driven reduction 1:30.5

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