Drive management with optimised fuel efficiency

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Stage 5 emissions compliant engine

The new Stage 5 emission complaint engine from AMAZONE uses exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particle filter to help protect the environment. The diesel particulate filter is continuously regenerating during operation. The SCR catalytic converter reduces the levels of nitrogen oxide with the aid of a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injection. The new 20 litre DEF tank is positioned at the side of the 290 litre diesel tank. The DEF consumption amounts to approximately 2.5 % of the fuel consumption. This means that the DEF only requires refilling every 3 or 4 tankfuls.

The benefits:

  • Stepless hydrostatic drive from 0 to 50 km/h*
  • State-of-the-art fuel management on the road and in the field with ECO and POWER mode
  • Tailor-made speed regulated radiator fan drive
  • Proven Deutz technology with a comprehensive service network

* Please be aware of national road traffic regulations!

The heart as a unit: engine and hydrostatic drive

Deutz 6-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 160 kW (218 hp)

  • Turbocharger with intercooler
  • Common-Rail injection technology
  • 6.06 litre capacity
  • Country-specific execution according to either Stage 3A or Stage 5 emission compliance

The benefits of the clever cooling system:

  • Revs on demand 
  • The fans even switch off under low power demands and cool temperatures
  • Positioned beyond the reach of dirt 
    - Left: charge air, hydraulics 
    - Right: engine, air-conditioning

"The Amazone Pantera impresses with its low diesel consumption, the minimal noise level, the good weight distribution and sufficient payload."
(profi 12/2011)

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