Running at optimum fuel saving: ECO or POWER

The new and optimised engine rev regulation mean that you can always operate the Pantera at the optimum fuel consumption efficiency. When ECO Mode has been selected in the AmaDrive vehicle terminal, the engine will search for the optimal operating point for torque and revs in the given driving situation. 

When spraying on the flat, an engine rev reduction down to 950 rpm is possible. This finely tuned, automatic adaptation of engine speed takes place continuously between 950 and 2,000 rpm. However, when working on steep slopes, or operating with a full tank in hilly terrain, maximum power at up to 2,000 rpm can be drawn upon by using the POWER Mode.

Example for ECO mode
1. Around 80 kW is required on the flat 
2. When the machine is climbing a hill, the torque increases under load. The speed remains constant.
3. The climb takes longer: the power consumption increases to 120 kW. The speed remains constant with slightly increased fuel consumption.

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