Super-L3 boom in working widths from 36 to 42 metres

Super-L3-Gestänge (1) L3_36m_Ausschnitt_links_pers_Duesenkoerper_d1_190109

AMAZONE designed the Super-L3 boom for the most extreme of demands and it offers an absolutely smooth boom ride. Alongside the 36 m boom, a 42 m version is now also available which has an additional boom section on either side. The boom can be used at a reduced working width with pivot points at 12, 24 and 33 m.

On the basis of the 42 m boom, smaller working widths such as 40 m or 39 m can also be implemented by means of a shortened end section. Furthermore, a reduction joint can also be fitted to the outer boom section. This can be used to manually reduce the working width e.g. from 42 m to 39 m.

Super-L3 booms from a working width of 39 m are equipped as standard with ContourControl active boom guidance, SwingStop boom tip swing compensation and AmaSwitch or AmaSelect individual nozzle control with DUS pro in each case. 

The substantial boom sections with hydraulically pressurised break back joints in the boom ends ensure an absolutely smooth boom ride under any conditions. If any vibrations caused by cornering or acceleration occur in spite of the substantial design, they are directly reduced by SwingStop.

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