High application rates thanks to HighFlow+

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The UX Super's intelligent control technology enables both pumps to be used for spraying while maintaining a high agitation capacity. If the usual maximum of 200 l/min at the spray line is not enough, the liquid flow created by the agitator pump is also automatically used in conjunction with the HighFlow+ option as and when required until the desired application rate is reached. The remaining capacity of the agitator pump continues to be used for agitating the liquid in the spray agent tank.

All components of the HighFlow+ system are completely integrated in the cleaning cycles of the UX 01 Super.

HighFlow+ equipment pack with a second pressure filter, additional flow measuring device and changed spray liquid routing:

  1. Second pressure filter
  2. Drain tap for pressure filter

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future

The plant protection sector will have to change in the future. Plant protection is an important part of agriculture in securing high yields and optimum quality. Due to the increasing world population, both factors play an enormous role in securing food supply.