Super-S2 boom: firm and steady

Super-S2-Gestänge (1) Super_S2_Ausschnitt_pers_trans_d0_20161223

3-fold shock absorbed suspension for the most arduous of operational conditions

As standard, all AMAZONE booms are equipped with

  • springs and shock absorber pack for damping the vertical roll movements,
  • rubber buffer damping elements with ball suspension to damp down the horizontal yaw movements and
  • tension springs for the shock absorbed suspension of the entire boom.

As standard also are hydraulic height adjustment and guide skids that results in the perfect boom guidance and thus, the accurate longitudinal and lateral distribution of the spray agent.

Super-S2 boom suspension

  1. Central pendulum point
  2. Spring damping system for reducing the horizontal swing movement
  3. Joint orientated across the direction of travel
  4. Spring damping system for reducing the vertical swing movement
  5. Boom pendulum lock

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