Three important elements for excellent boom guidance

Super-S-Gestänge (1) Super_S2_Ausschnitt_pers_trans_d0_20161223

Super-S2 booms come as standard with:

  • central pendulum suspension for the optimum boom guidance on slopes and on level ground,
  • combined spring and damping elements for shock-dampening the suspension against vertical forces,
  • integrated damping system consisting of braking plates and buffer blocks to damp down the horizontal yaw movement.

The shock-absorbing suspension with a hydraulic accumulator in the parallelogram guides the Super-S2 boom at the right height above the target with ease.

Super-S2 boom suspension:

  1. Central pendulum point
  2. Spring damping system for reducing the horizontal swing movement
  3. Boom pendulum lock
  4. Spring damping system for reducing the vertical swing movement
  5. Joint orientated across the direction of travel

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