Further equipment


''Liftpack'' system – easily combined with seed drills and precision air seeders

Via the ''Liftpack'' system the seed drill is raised up. For road transport, the centre of gravity is brought closer to the tractor. The vehicle combination is more agile and can be transported more freely. The Amazone ''Liftpack''system reduces the lifting power requirement by approximately 25 %. During turning, the rotary harrow or rotary cultivator is only slightly raised out of the ground, so that the PTO shaft can continue turning. The ''Liftpack'' system is also beneficial if the seed drill or precision air seeder need to be worked in solo operation without the rotary harrow.

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The “extreme” stone test track

All AMAZONE soil tillage implements are subjected to extreme stresses, being continuously tested on the stone torture track. This is not only for newly developed machines but also as part of series production supervision, meaning they are well prepared for the extremely wide range of operating conditions encountered when in actual use. This makes sure that you have the maximum of reliability with all AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators.

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With TL deep loosening: all in one operation

The compact TL deep loosener, with its 4 tines, makes it possible to loosen the soil down to a depth of 25 cm. With this system, AMAZONE offers the option of plough-less cultivation, even where a high level of straw prevails. Plough-less cultivation in one pass prevents soil compaction in the sowing horizon.

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RDS Roller Drill System – The system for improved seed emergence and increased yields

Roll first, then sow: The even profile of the seed furrow produced provides the ideal preconditions for an absolutely smooth coulter run and thus the maintenance of an accurate placement depth. So, higher forward speeds than with other rollers are possible. The principle “roll first, then sow” allows the even placement of the seed and thus better plant emergence, irrespective of the soil type, ground conditions or forward speed. RDS benefits in an overview: (1) Targeted reconsolidation of the seed furrow via the wedge ring roller: for the optimum water supply of the seedling, the wedge ring reconsolidates the soil in strips directly in the seed furrow. (2) Targeted seed placement with the RoTeC Control coulters: Running directly in the track of the reconsolidated strips, the RoTeC Control coulters run especially smoothly, tracing a very accurate depth and place the seed on the reconsolidated bottom of the furrow. (3)Targeted seed embedment via the Roller harrow: the harrow covers the seed with loose soil and here the intensity is adjustable. In addition the rollers then press the soil above the seed.

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Hydraulic depth control

This can be used to conveniently change the depth from the tractor seat whilst on the move, where, for example, shallow cultivating is required on uneven ground or deep cultivating in hollows. This enables an extremely high degree of flexibility and energy-efficient use.

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Oil cooler

Continuous operation even in very hot climatic conditions presents no problem, thanks to the optional oil cooler.

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