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Mechanisch mit Scherbolzen-Steinsicherung (1) Hektor_d0_kw_6486_d1_180416

Mechanical stone release with shear bolt

The shear bolt is the proven standard solution. Under load, the shear bolt snaps off at the predetermined breaking point and the plough body gives way to the obstacle by swivelling upwards. Raise the plough, insert a new shear bolt and off you go. The high release forces of the shear bolt allow operation also in heavy and hard soils.

The advantages:

  • Double action shear bolts
  • Hardened flange plates
  • High-quality shear bolts; in 10.9 quality
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Cayros S and Hektor S with NonStop stone safety device

The hydraulic NonStop stone safety release features, in principle, one hydraulic cylinder per plough body with each one directly connected to a nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulator. When triggered, the plough body pushes a piston into the accumulator via the hydraulic cylinder. The gas is compressed and automatically returns the body to its initial position after passing the obstacle.

The advantages:

  • Simple adaptation of the release force
  • Smooth and material protecting operation
  • Exchangeable ball joints and sockets
  • As standard, with additional shear bolt
  • The trip forces decrease as the lift height of the released plough body increases
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NonStop-Steinsicherung – Variante 1 (1) Bild 54_Kompaktspeicher_DSC_0217-2_d1_171204

NonStop stone release – Version 1

Central hydraulic accumulator on the hydraulic ram

In its simplest version, the hydraulic accumulator is directly combined with the hydraulic cylinder forming a compact unit.

The advantages:

  • The plough bodies release completely independently of each other
  • The plough bodies can be pretensioned differently
  • No hydraulic hoses or pipes on the plough beam
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NonStop-Steinsicherung – Variante 2 (1) Bild 55a_Kompaktspeicher-Verrohrung_DSC_0171_d1_161025

NonStop stone release – Version 2

Hydraulic accumulators with inter-connected pipework

Via the connection of the individual components, the release force can be also adjusted centrally across all the bodies. An isolator valve on each hydraulic accumulator means that the setting on each plough body can, from choice, also be set independently to different pressures.

The advantages:

  • The adjustment of the release force is carried out across all plough bodies in just one step (even whilst on the move)
  • Similar pipe cross-sectional area means that each furrow has only a slight influence on each other
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