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It really works well! The Hektor from AMAZONE

With the Hektor, Amazone offers a semi-mounted reversible plough in 6 to 8 furrows and stepped furrow width adjustment from 38 to 50 cm. Designed for use under arduous conditions, yet easy to handle and adjust, the Hektor is a robust plough with a high level of operational reliability.

The features:

  • 6, 7 or 8 furrow
  • For tractors up to 265 kW/360 hp
  • Strong beam, dimensions 150 x 150 x 12 mm
  • Standard with hydraulic front furrow width adjustment
  • Shear bolt stone safety release or hydraulic stone safety release
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Robust beam

The back bone of the plough is the robust 150 x 150 x 12 mm beam. The 100 cm point to point clearance between bodies and the 82 cm beam height ensure good material passage even where large amounts of plant mass prevail. With the mechanical, stepped furrow width adjustment offering 38, 42, 46 or 50 cm, the Hektor can be matched to differing situations with regard to both tractor and soil conditions.

  • Blockage-free ploughing even in large amounts of crop residues
  • On request: extendable beam
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Gentle turnover action

The new swing-arm system that forms the front connection between plough beam and turnover mechanism, ensures the maximum true track following and the optimum pull line of the combination. The turnover cylinders, with hydraulic end positioning damping, guarantee a smooth, sequenced turnover procedure for the plough.

  • Comfortable and gentle turnover

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Kombination mit Traktor (1)

In combination with the tractor

Particularly convenient is the parking position of the Hektor in its transport position. As the tilt adjustment does not have any influence on the position of the lower link cross shaft, the coupling and uncoupling of the plough on and off the tractor is particularly comfortable. The lower link cross shaft is, from choice, available in either Cat. 3 or Cat. 4N. 

  • Comfortable coupling to the tractor
  • Exceptional space-saving parking position
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Plough adjustment

The very comfortable adjustment of the plough enables consistently excellent working results. In addition, a plough which has been optimally adjusted reduces the fuel consumption as well as the wear. Hektor is adjusted in three convenient and easy steps without the use of tools.

  1. The working depth is set steplessly and without tools via the support wheel.
  2. The setting of the plough tilt is done without tools and is adjustable individually for the right and left hand side.
  3. The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment changes the working width of the first plough body directly and responsively and matches it to the inner track dimension of the tractor. This ensures the clean matching to the next bout and is especially useful when in changing soil types and on different tractors.

  • Very useful when frequently changing tractors or when working on sloping terrain
  • Exceptionally clean furrow
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