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Packer arm – For all Cayros ploughs Cayros

For use in combination with a plough press, all Cayros ploughs can be equipped with a hydraulic, length adjustable press arm. Thanks to direct coupling to the hydraulic turnover mechanism of the mounted plough, no additional tractor spool valve is required.

The packer arms are directly attached to the turning element, with the great advantage that the draft point of the plough is not affected. All packer arms are equipped with a spring-loaded catcher that absorbs the load peaks caused when connecting the packer.

The packer arm can be easily moved into the transport position by inserting a bolt, to ensure safe road transport.

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Pflug-Packer (1) Cayron_200V_C-Pack_Fendt_002_d1_141202

Plough packer

Levelling and targeted reconsolidation in one operational pass

To help prepare the field for the following sowing operation, targeted reconsolidation after ploughing is ideal. In many cases, there is insufficient time for the settling of the soil after ploughing and natural tilth formation does not take place so that combining two operational passes is an optimal possibility.

A heavy ring packer, in combination with the plough, provides deep reconsolidation, crushing coarse clods and preventing the soil from drying out.

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C-Pack 900 S

Thanks to the large 900 mm diameter rings, the packer is especially easy to pull. The ring profile features a flank profile of 36° ensuring on heavy soils a deep reconsolidation and little sinking into the soil. With the shoulder integrated in the ring profile, the packer achieves on light soils an angle of 42°, giving optimum support of the packer and a guaranteed depth effect. Due to this ring profile, an especially universal application on different soils is possible. The design of the packer without a centre hub allows the modular extension of the furrow width and the wear resistant cleaning belts ensure a blockage-free operation.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Universal ring profile with a flank angle of 36° and additional integrated shoulder. Ring diameter 900 mm
  • The ring design without centre hub permits a modular extension of the furrow width
  • Integrated cleaning belts for a blockage-free operation

Cam be extended with:

  • Breaker ring packer for intensive levelling and crumbling
  • Simple changeover from work to transport position
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Nockenringpacker 550 (1) C-Pack_900_S_d0_kw_6383_d1_171006

Breaker ring packer 550

To ensure intensive levelling and crumbling of the ground, a breaker ring packer can be mounted additionally on the C-Pack 900 S on request. The 500 mm diameter breaker rings also have no centre hub which again permits any modular extension. The easy transport of the packer is a particularly convenient and user-friendly feature. The C-Pack and breaker ring packer can be easily closed up together and automatically fixed for road transport purposes.

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