Catros, Catros+, CatrosXL or Certos? Make use of those specific strengths!

Catros, Catros+, CatrosXL or Certos (1) Catros_plus_5001_d3_7527_111011

Outstandingly low fuel consumption

With the Catros compact disc harrow, operational speeds of 12 km/h to 18 km/h are achieved problem-free, enabling outstandingly high work rates and reducing the operational time to a minimum. Important, however, for economic success, are both the fuel, and the wear and tear costs. In order to determine reliable figures for these costs AMAZONE has carried out trials in collaboration with the DLG test centre in Gross-Umstadt.

In all the tests, the Catros compact disc harrows proved to be extremely fuel efficient. So when stubble cultivating at a medium working depth of about 6 cm – depending on soil type and ground topography – an approximate fuel consumption of only 4 l/ha was measured. Similarly favourable were the consumption figures during seedbed preparation.

“AMAZONE stated that the pulling power requirement was 90 HP (66 kW). We wanted to make sure and deliberately chose a light tractor with 106 HP (78 kW). With sufficient front ballasting we were delighted to be able to maintain an operational speed of more than twelve kilometres per hour even on some slightly sloping terrain.”
(Agratechnik magazine · 08/2012)

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