Harrow selection

Harrow combinations

Striegelauswahl (1) KW580_mit_Striegel_3_d1_161122
Harrow system* for the SW, PW, KW & UW following rollers
Striegelauswahl (2) KWM650_mit_Striegel_3_d1_161122
Harrow system for the KWM & DW rear roller

Striegelauswahl (3) DUW_mit_Striegel_3_d1_171005
Harrow system for the TW & DUW rear rollers
Striegelauswahl (4) WW580_mit_MSV_3_d1_171005
Sprung knife system* for WW rear rollers


Striegelauswahl (5) UW580_mit_Federnumersystem_3_171005
Sprung clearing system for UW rear rollers

* Please note! Turning on the rear roller is not possible in conjunction with TS running gear.

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