Knife roller

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Shredding and incorporation of crop residues or catch crops

The out-front knife roller on the AMAZONE compact disc harrow provides maximum flexibility for optimum soil tillage. The knife roller permits extremely shallow soil tillage with simultaneous shredding of the stubble, such as during the initial stubble cultivation after rape. However, the knife roller is also ideal for working in tall catch crops, maize stubble or sunflower stubble. In particular, long stubbles are cut transversely to the direction of travel and then incorporated with the subsequent disc element.

The roller is lowered into the working position from the tractor seat during work. By dividing the knife roller into segments, it means that the roller can follow the ground contours perfectly, even in uneven terrain, and can effectively shred any lying crop residues across the entire working width.

Advantages of the knife roller

  • Optimum shredding results owing to the high circumferential speed with a roller diameter of 330 mm
  • Excellent contour following thanks to individual roller segments
  • No side pull during work, as the blades are arranged on the roller in a V-shape
  • Maintenance-free bearings with a long service life thanks to a metallic face seal
  • Insensitive to stones and dirt due to the enclosed design of the roller centre shaft
  • Wear costs halved thanks to reversible knives with two cutting edges, made of tempered drill steel

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