Ceus-2TX (1) Ceus6000-2TX-super_Case_d0_kw_DJI_0395_d1_221019

Folding for high outputs and fast transport

The Ceus-2TX, in working widths from 4 m to 7 m, is designed for farms with large acreages but short application windows. The Ceus offers maximum performance under all conditions thanks to the combination of the disc and tine elements. Depending on the working width, the Ceus-2TX requires tractors from 200 hp. The folding frame also means that the Ceus to be driven comfortably and quickly on the road. 

Overview of the Ceus-2TX: 

  • Hydraulic working depth adjustment of the disc element 
  • Optional hydraulic working depth adjustment of the tine element 
  • Exact depth control via drawbar and rear roller and also the additional support wheels at working widths from 6 m 
  • The right roller for every soil type

Ceus 4000-2TX, 4.0 m working width
Ceus 5000-2TX, 5.0 m working width
Ceus 6000-2TX, 6.0 m working width
Ceus 7000-2TX, 7.0 m working width

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