Operational reliability in all circumstances

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (4) Skala

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (1) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_Walze_normal_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels and the rear roller
If it is intended to adjust the working depth whilst on-the-move to react to varying soil conditions or to repair harmful compaction, the optional fully hydraulic working depth adjustment is recommended. The working depth adjustment is carried out hydraulically via the support wheels and the rear roller as an option. Manual working depth adjustment via spindles is also available as an alternative. 

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (2) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_Walze_leichte_Boeden_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels, running gear and the rear roller
It can be an advantage to allow the transport wheels to run in parallel on highly pressure-sensitive soils. The running gear thereby lightens the load on the rear roller. This is also not a problem for the Cenius-2TX.

Einsatzsicherheit unter allen Umständen (3) Cenius_7003-2TX-Super_ohne_Walze_01_d1_131012
Depth control via support wheels and the running gear
In very wet conditions, in late autumn or when leaving the field to overwinter, the Cenius-2TX can be operated without a depth roller. In this special case, the running gear serves as the depth control. The tines at the rear of the wheels serve as wheel mark eradicators to ensure a level finish.

“The hydraulic depth adjustment of the tines which Amazone offers as an option is comfortable and practical.”
(profi Practice test “Semi-mounted cultivators Part 2” · 06/2017)

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