With the Hektor, Amazone offers a semi-mounted reversible plough in 6 to 8 furrows and stepped furrow width adjustment from 38 to 50 cm. Designed for use under arduous conditions, yet easy to handle and adjust, the Hektor is a robust plough with a high level of operational reliability for tractors up the 360 HP class.

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Efficient and robust semi-mounted reversible plough with high operational reliability
  • The standard hydraulic front furrow width adjustment ensures a constant optimum plough profile
  • Outstanding wear properties and easy pull of the plough bodies due to the unique ©plus hardening process
  • Wide variety of suitable plough bodies for all applications and conditions
  • Smooth and material protecting turnover procedure thanks to the turnover mechanism with hydraulic end position damping
  • The substantial support wheel ensures an exact depth control and the optimum soil structure protection
  • Maximum safety and comfort in the transport position due to the standard suspension of the wheel
  • Rugged plough beam with the option to extend it by one furrow
  • Shear bolt leg components create the highest release forces for the most arduous of soil conditions
  • Hydraulic NonStop stone safety device with a spacious lift height and additional shear bolt

Product videos

AMAZONE Hektor semi-mounted plough
AMAZONE Hektor semi-mounted reversible plough
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Output calculator

The Amazone Output Calculator produces a farm-related, economic calculation of a machine’s potential output prior to making an investment decision.


©plus - Hardening procedure of AMAZONE - The knowledge for heat treatment of wear parts

Since Vogel & Noot was taken over in 2016, AMAZONE has been able to offer a complete plough range, from a 2-furrow mounted plough to an 8-furrow semi-mounted plough. Following the acquisition of the accumulated technical knowledge of plough-related...


International sales network

Outside of Germany and Austria, you can get AMAZONE agricultural and municipal machinery as well as technical support from specialized importers.

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