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Ploughing today

The plough is symbolic in agriculture. Alongside crop establishment, fertilisation and plant protection, soil tillage plays a key role in the success of arable farming. Sustainability and a more efficient level of operation will be the decisive factors by which agriculture will be judged in the future.

The desire to maintain a sustainable soil structure, to increase productivity and, above all, to achieve higher profitability lies behind the design. The use of modern ploughs, alongside conservation tillage techniques and alternative sowing systems, remains at the forefront when it comes to improved yields and thus the success of any soil tillage operation. AMAZONE ploughs are characterised by their robust build strength, an excellent quality of work, optimal adaptation to local conditions and thus offer the highest possible cost-effectiveness.

The benefits:

  • Individual matching of the plough to suit any application
  • Simple adjustment and comfortable operation
  • Long lifespan thanks to the robust construction

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