Swivel frame – simple turnover with memory cylinder

Rahmeneinschwenkung (1) Bild 30_Einschwenkzylinder-Standard_DSC_0195_d1_190912

To increase ground clearance when the plough is turning and make the turning smoother, all ploughs can be equipped with an inswing mechanism. This automatically swings the plough beam towards the centre of the tractor before the turnover starts and then back to its original working position once the plough has turned over. This shift in the centre of gravity also means that there is less strain on the tractor's rear lift linkage and reduces the risk of tipping while working on hilly terrain.

The benefits:

  • Higher ground clearance when turning the plough
  • Smooth turning
  • Reduction in the load on the tractor linkage
  • Reduced risk of tipping

  1. Cayros
  2. Cayros V

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