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Rotary harrows or rotary cultivators – The all-rounders for seedbed preparation

Rotary cultivators are still the best all-rounders when it comes to seedbed preparation. Used in combination with a rear mounted or harrow-mounted seed drill, they are, for many farms, the ideal system solution.

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Kreiselgrubber KX – Der Allrounder (1) KX3001_d0_kw_P9143376_d1_190930

KX Cultimix rotary cultivator – the all-rounder

Flexible and effective

The KX rotary cultivator, in a working width of 3 m and for the 190 hp tractor class, is a very flexible implement for PTO-driven soil cultivation that can be used both as a rotary cultivator or as a rotary harrow.

Many farmers want a machine for differing soil and operating conditions. This could be e,g. a rotary cultivator with the tines "on-grip" for mulch sowing on heavier soils, in order to thoroughly mix the soil with crop residues.

Previously, the tines have often simply been turned from “trailing” to “on-grip”. The finished result can then often be unsatisfactory, because only tines specially designed for each specific purpose can produce the best work.

The benefits of the rotary cultivator:

  • Short set up times by the proven tine quick change system
  • Very flexible in operation – can be, from choice, operated with trailing tines or with “on-grip” tines
  • More rigidity – reinforced trough profile, thicker shaft diameter and stronger tines
  • Loosening of hard and compacted soils without any problem
  • Intensive incorporation of straw and other organic matter
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Staggered tine layout guarantees smooth running

The tines on AMAZONE rotary harrows and rotary cultivators are set at a special angle in relation to each other. This guarantees an even soil crumbling and a smoother machine running. Incidents of vibration and peak loading are thereby prevented. The machines suffer less stress, and the power and fuel requirement is reduced.

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Stabiles Kreiselelement - Zapfen_Titel_140219

Rigidity is trumps! Trough, tine carriers and shaft

Strong rotor carrier

The tine carrier and shaft are forged in one piece from high grade steel. The shaft diameter is a heavy-duty 60 mm.

The tine carrier shaft is supported by bearings with the optimum bearing spacing. Trough sealing is done with a special cassette seal with an optimum sealing effect and maximum service life. In addition, labyrinth seals prevent the ingress of plant fibres.

  • The tine carrier and shaft are forged from one piece. The shaft diameter is a heavy-duty 60 mm.

Robust trough

The high-standing 8 mm thick gear case made in a trough-type profile with double skin base and welded-in bearing sleeves is extremely torsion resistant, which enables it to easily withstand the high forces that occur when transporting heavy packer rollers and pack-top mounted seed drills without cumbersome external bracings. Gear wheels and bearings run in a single oil bath and so are maintenance-free – there are no grease nipples.

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Große Freiräume bei KX und KG (1) Erdbewegung_KG_001_d1_140320

Large clearance on the KX and KG

The large frame depth, the completely smooth trough bottom without bearing housings and the long tines ensure the maximum clearance between the trough and the tine carriers. Even extremely large clods of soil or big volumes of straw can therefore pass through without hindrance. The tines have a long service life, i.e. low wearing metal costs. An excellent seedbed structure is achieved that promotes the optimum field emergence of the young plants.

  1. Direction of travel
  2. Soil flow
  3. Big usable tine wear area
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Long-Life-Drive - For all rotary cultivators

Quality within the system

Long-Life-Drive is the optimised drive system for all AMAZONE rotary cultivators that ensures an extended operating life, maximum smooth running and a high resale value. Gear wheels and bearings run in a single oil bath and so are maintenance-free – there are no grease nipples.

  1. Robust gearbox 
  2. Highly-hardened spur gears with large teeth contact area 
  3. Exact spacing of all bearing seats for a maximum smooth running 
  4. Heavy-duty taper roller bearings with wide spacing between mounting points 
  5. Large clearance between tool carrier and smooth trough base for blockage-free mulch sowing and optimum though passage 
  6. Double sealing system with cassette sealing ring against oil loss and labyrinth seal against ingress of plant fibres and dirt 
  7. The tine carrier and the shaft are forged from one piece and have a large shaft diameter; KG and KX rotary cultivator ∅ = 60 mm 
  8. Quick + Safe System with a tool-less tine change solution and integrated stone safety protection


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Die „Extrem“-Steinteststrecke

The “extreme” stone test track

On the stone test track, all AMAZONE soil tillage implements are continuously tested under maximum load. This ensures the maximum reliability with all AMAZONE rotary cultivators.

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