ED 6000 Special

ED 6000 Special (1) ED6000-C_Einsatzbild_2_d1_170829

The ED 6000 Special precision air seeder that, from choice, can be equipped with or without the 1,100 l fertiliser hopper. The seed hoppers each have a capacity of 60 l. The Classic coulters for sowing after the plough or the Contour coulters suitable for mulch sowing are available as sowing coulters. Fertiliser placement can be carried out either via drag coulters or, when mulch sowing, by the use of a single disc coulter.

The demands on the tractor hydraulic and electrical system are very low. With the ED 6000 Special, the blower fan, for instance, is driven via the PTO shaft.

The singling drive and the fertiliser metering are carried out mechanically via the land wheel. For monitoring the singling procedure, and as a hectare meter, AmaScan+ is used.

AMAZONE offers the ED 6000-C Special as an 8 row machine with fertiliser hopper for under-root fertilisation. For sowing sugar beet, rape or soya, AMAZONE equips the ED 6000 with twelve units. The precision air seeder can be optionally ordered with two micro-granular applicators.