OmniaSet spreading discs for the ultimate in precision

OmniaSet-Streuscheiben für höchste Präzision (1) Detail_Streuwerk_ZA-X_d0_jm_R7270420_d1_220805

The OmniaSet spreading discs are equipped with pivoting spreading vanes that generate a spread pattern that is extremely precise and safe. With the aid of an easily readable scale in the user’s field of view, the spreading vanes can be adjusted easily and exactly without tools. AMAZONE provides comprehensive setting charts for all kinds of fertiliser, seeds and slug pellets. The OmniaSet spreading discs are made from stainless steel.

Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…

Precision in mineral fertiliser application

Amazone offers ever more efficient and precise machines and processes, so that the agricultural sector can retain its competitiveness and future viability and operate more sustainably at the same time.

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SmartLearning - EasyCheck

Precise spreading made easy – a digital, mobile test kit for the easy optimisation of the lateral distribution. Instead of using the test trays, as with the normal mobile test kit, the EasyCheck system consists of just 16 lightweight rubber mats and the EasyCheck App for smartphones.