Hydro drive –the drive with Load-Sensing system


Spreaders with Hydro drive are fully supplied via the Load-Sensing system of the tractor. For tractors with sufficient oil supply the ISOBUS connecting cable is sufficient and the Load-Sensing system can operate the spreader at full functionality.

  • Change between load sensing and an oil flow and return as standard

Hydro drive with oil supply exclusively from the tractor
- Oil requirement with steering axle max. 130 l/min
- Oil requirement without steering axle max. 105 l/min

“The consistently stable speed of the discs and also, above all, the possibility of different disc speeds is a dream. You only come to know and appreciate the benefits offered by the hydraulic system when you have used it”
(“profi”– Spreading units in practice “Hydraulic or mechanical”· 06/2017)

Spread pattern simulator

The spread pattern simulator gives an intuitive introduction to how a fertiliser spreader works. Optimal settings for a variety of combinations of fertilisers and working widths can be clearly displayed and the influence that wind and fertiliser quality have also shown. Try it for yourself…