WindControl in practice: The economic efficiency

WindControl in practice: The economic efficiency

Key data and information


  • Field size 70 ha
  • Wind speeds of up to 27 km/h
  • WindControl improves the lateral distribution across 70 % of the area*
  • This means an additional yield of 24 €/ha as a result of WindControl*

* Results based on long-term trials


Example farm:

  • Size of farm: 500 ha
  • Average wheat yield: 7.8 t/ha
  • Average profit: 280 €/t

The wind is always blowing during the spreading season. Wind speeds of up to 27 km/h were measured on the 70 ha field during spreading. An average wind speed of 14 km/h was recorded. WindControl compensated for the effect of the wind on 70 % of the area during spreading, thereby optimising the lateral distribution by 5.6 %. Only 30 % did not require optimisation. This results in improved nutrient distribution and more uniform crops. 

Based on long-term trials, which investigated the relationship between fertiliser distribution and the effect on yields, this provides an additional yield of ~1.1 % (Δ CV 5% = 1 % increase in yield). This corresponds to an additional revenue of 24 €/ha as a result of WindControl. 

Simulation without WindControl

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