Placement on the sowing coulter: Direct and reliable

Ablage am Säschar: Direkt und zuverlässig (1) mit_und_ohne_AHL_d1_190819

The liquid fertiliser is pumped through hoses to the coulters on the seed drill and delivered directly through a special outlet on the sowing coulter. In order to prevent dripping at the headland, each outlet is equipped with its anti-drip diaphragm. Each outlet also has an appropriate metering disc depending on the application rate.

Profitable results in practice
Application results (from season 2018) in Russia show the difference. The plant development with the support of AHL liquid fertiliser was clearly better than in the applications without AHL. The bright green colour of the plant is an indicator of good nutrient supply. The plants with AHL fertilisation also show much more advanced plant growth.

  1. Without AHL fertilisation
  2. With AHL fertilisation