“The machine is a simple construction!”

Praxis 2 (1)

“We have 15 AMAZONE Condor seed drills, and the daily output per seed drill, in two shifts, is an average of 200 ha. So we cover up to 3,000 ha every day” reports Timur Pshenov, who founded the Kazakhstani farm “En-Dala LLP” in 1996. Starting with an area of 46 hectares, the farm now encompasses 60,000 hectares in the Tselinograd district of Kazakhstan. “The AMAZONE tine seed drill makes a particular impression with its low fuel consumption of approx. 3.7 to 3.8 l/ha. An additional benefit is the required tractor power rating of just 250 hp”, says Timur Pshenov. As a result of the low precipitation in the region, we use the Condor to sow directly into the stubble, mown as tall as possible, without soil tillage. Base fertiliser application is also carried out at the same time. The direct seeding into very tall stubble is intended to enrich the organic mass in the soil in order to increase the water capacity of the soil. Timur Pshenov explains: “The No. 1 yield factor in our region is the moisture in the soil.” Lots more moisture remains in the soil as a result of the minimal soil movement caused by the Condor. “The seed lies in a sort of depression and is thus less influenced by the wind. This is also an outstanding characteristic.”, according to Timur Pshenov.

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