“Top performance at the optimum sowing date”

„Top-Leistungen zum optimalen Saatzeitpunkt“ (1) Tula_Wozroschdenije

“In 2011 we purchased the first five Citan 12000”, Tschernikow Alexander, chief agronomist of the farm “Tula Wozroschdenije” reports. “We then had such a good experience with these machines that we decided in 2012 to purchase twelve more Citan 12001-C.”

The ground consists of medium to heavy loamy, leached black soil. The average rainfall is 550 to 600 mm/year. The farm cultivated over 42,000 ha of arable land in 2012. “At sowing speeds of 10 to 12 km/ha, we manage with each Citan approximately 160 ha of cereals/day or 200 ha of rape/day. So in spring and autumn 2012 we sowed more than 3,000 ha with each machine." states Tschernikow Alexander. "With this quality of machinery we manage top-work rates at the optimum sowing date. When cereal sowing, one tank fill is sufficient for over 2 to 2.5 hours before we have to refill. At the same time, the RoTeC pro coulters reliably sow the seed at the desired depth. The distribution along the rows is also optimal. This provides us with a good and even field emergence.” 

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