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Long and slender

The seed hopper of the Cayena has been designed to be as large as possible, and yet, compact. This allows an uncluttered view of the TineTeC coulters in operation. In this way you have everything under control.

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Cayena-C – for seed and fertiliser

Pressurised hopper system for high seed rates

With the Cayena 6001-C, AMAZONE offers a trailed tine seeder that can also place fertiliser together with the seed into the seed furrow. The 4,000 litre seed hopper is divided into two compartments at a ratio of 60:40 and equipped with two fully electric metering units. Both compartments can, from choice, be filled with either seed or fertiliser. Via the same conveying system, seed and fertiliser are placed together in the seed furrow. In this way, for instance, when sowing winter rape or winter cereals, a starter fertiliser can be applied.

The ability to apply seed-fertiliser combinations at high rates is guaranteed by the enclosed pressurised hopper system of the Cayena-C.

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Invaluable to you

The interior lighting of the seed hopper is coupled with the headlights of the tractor. The roll-over cover safely protects against dust and rain.

The complete opening of the seed hopper ensures quick and easy filling.

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Cayena trailed tine seeder – quick and precise

Up to 15 km/h for the highest daily work rates

The Cayena trailed tine seeder shows its strengths on hard, stony soils and in dry regions, where conventional coulters fail. No matter whether used for coarse, medium or fine seeds, for mulch sowing, sowing after the plough or on stubbles – with its 6 m working width, the Cayena performs with an enormous efficiency. With working speeds up to 15 km/h and a seed hopper with a capacity of 3,600 l, the Cayena offers you huge potential for maximum daily outputs.

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