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Optimum technology for enhanced field emergence

The Matrix tyres enable even and high field emergence. With dimensions of 400/55R17.5, these tyres feature a diameter of 860 mm with a width of 400 mm. 

The high diameter combined with a special tread generates a higher self-driving effect in comparison to machines with an AS profile.

Furthermore, the independent suspension enables the machine to be pulled around curves and manoeuvred in field corners with minimal effort. This low-stress turning process protects the machine from excessive load and wear. Furthermore, the soil is prevented from being bulldozed and pushed up when working around bends. Consistent seedbed quality and maximum soil structure protection are ensured.

  • Each wheel turns independently of the others and can flexibly adjust the running speed and direction with a turning angle of up to 90°.

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Road transport is fast and safe

The Matrix tyres not only produce an optimum seedbed but also serve as transport wheels. The machine is characterised by a high stability on the road, even at a transport speed of 40 km/h. This is possible because the machine only runs on 4 wheels of the tyre packer. The high carrying capacity of the wheels allows the middle pair of wheels to be lifted up (between the 4 transport wheels).

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Reconsolidation in strips – for optimal growth conditions

Optimum and uniform growth conditions for all plants are the basis for a quicker and more even field emergence. 
These are obtained by means of a fine crumbed seedbed reconsolidated in strips. Apart from the use of the various pre-working tools, the Matrix tyre is of great importance in this respect. On the one hand, it produces even more fine soil to cover the seed, but, most importantly, its special shape provides the desired reconsolidation in strips. 

Advantages of a seedbed reconsolidated in strips 

  • Uniform growth conditions for all plants 
  • The seed has access to the capillary soil water  
  • Prevention of constantly wet conditions after heavy rainfall 
  • Guaranteed gaseous exchange 

All the above advantages of reconsolidation in strips provide an even, high field emergence!

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Sowing insurance!

1) In very dry conditions – the water pump principle:
The re-consolidated strips provide soil contact directly in the seed furrow. In this way, capillary water reaches the seedling even in dry weather. Reconsolidation in strips ensures that your soil works as a water pump. Every drop counts!

2) In very wet conditions – the drainage principle: 
Loose soil easily absorbs any rain and stores it. Rain from heavy downpours simply soaks into the unrolled, loose areas. Soil erosion is thereby prevented. In this case, the soil works like a drain. Even on heavy wet ground, there is enough unconsolidated soil available between the rows to cover the seed with loose soil.

3) Gaseous exchange – the lungs principle:
The loose soil also enables gases to be exchanged, so that the roots can breathe.

Reconsolidation in strips 

  • Matrix tyres create a well reconsolidated strip in comparison to tyres with an AS profile. This is a key advantage, which has a very positive effect on the smooth running of the sowing coulters.

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